On gratitude.

I feel weird.

I am not cooking, nor am I hosting my big, fat, Cuban family for Thanksgiving this year. 

The hostess honor falls to my sister, Alina who, I should just add right here, is a wonderful hostess with a much, much bigger house, but that's not important right now.

And we Darbys are going to dine with Eric's family, which I'm really looking forward to since my mother-in-law is a fabulous (!!) cook.

But still... I feel weird.

No last minute shopping.
No cleaning frenzy.
No moving furniture into other rooms. (=D)
No centerpieces or placeholders.
No cleaning up for hours afterward.

I don't have to do a thing.

It's a weird feeling. Because usually I'm doing so much.

Let me take a moment to muse about this.... I may just sit around in my PJ's all day...

No last minute shopping!
No cleaning frenzy!
No moving furniture into other rooms!!!! (=D)
No centerpieces or placeholders!
No cleaning up for hours afterward!

I don't have to do a thing!

I get to show up and relax and totally enjoy my time with my family and remember how blessed I am and that I lead a charmed life.  And I don't want to ever take that for granted.

And, yes, it's weird for me. But I'm REALLY, REALLY  grateful.  ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!
And may God richly bless you.