I spy.

P9018308Okay, I know I've been complaining about the heat.
And I have been complaining that I'm not feeling creative.
I know these two problems are related.

And I know I have no right to be complaining at all considering we're only eleven short miles from the most beautiful beaches to grace the California coast.

But I swear this heat has drained all the creativity from my body. (or maybe it's just the threat of the rolling blackouts - yikes!)

So I thought that maybe I would take out my camera and play.  I am not what you would call a real photographer, but, as you know, I love my camera (with all my heart - sigh) and randomly taking a bunch of pictures always jump-starts my creative engine.

So, we're at the beach where it was way too hot out of the water and too cold in it. (and yes, Carrie, mi vida,  I totally admit that I'm a big whiner-baby because, after all, we do at least have a beach and all that, and I really am extremely grateful for it, but that's not important right now. )

I thought I'd take my longer lens and tripod to the beach and just have some photographic fun.

The boys just drop their stuff on the sand and go.  No matter that the water is pretty icy.  It is water and there are waves and they are boys.  End of discussion.

So, Lucy and I set up our chairs and umbrella and tripod and camera and I'm shooting some wonderful boys-in-the-water-type action shots and being all stealth and everything.

Or. . .
at least I thought they weren't aware of me and my camera. 

I just (heart) him. =D