Of Jedi and Cafecitos - a Giveaway

So, a few weeks ago I'm cruising through my Facebook page and I left a comment on one of my daughter's (Amy Kikita) posts. I think she was complaining that she needed a late afternoon cafecito. (I think that's what it was, because she's always saying that in the late afternoon, but that's not important right now.)

My friend, Claudia (who happens to be an amazing photographer) then left a gorgeous photo on Amy's Kikita's Facebook wall. It was of an old school (read Cuban style) espresso maker and two tacitas (demi-tasse cups).

It was love at first sight.

I wrote to Claudia: "I need that cafecito print for my kitchen." (Notice the subtlety in my request. =D)

She wrote back: "I'll send one right out to you. What size would you like?" 

Whoa! I felt like I had just performed a Jedi Mind Trick! I so badly wanted and Had. To. Have. That. Print. And poof! She just agreed to send it. You may call me Obi Wan KeDarby. ;-)

And then I had an idea. I asked her if I could maybe offer that print to my readers as a giveaway.

Claudia: "What a great idea." (Marta Skywalker here!)

How gorgeous is this?

Cafe print & me 

It's 11 x 14 and it's as delicious in person as it looks in the photo.

So, let's do this!

For a chance to win this gorgeous Cafecito print, please leave a comment on this post and tell me:

How do you do coffee? First thing in the morning? Five times a day? Espresso? Grind your own beans? Dunkin' Donuts? Starbucks? Let's talk coffee.

I'll choose a winner via Random.org. on Monday, August 9th at 11 am.  The winner may select a regular 11 x 14 print (like mine) that they can frame OR an 11 x 14 printed on single weight matboard.  (A $30-$40 retail value. How cool are my Jedi Mind Powers? Seriously.)
But wait! Let me introduce you to my gorgeous and talented friend, Claudia Risi. (The amazing photographer whose mind I control. =D) 

Me car blondesm

She has other gorgeous prints and greeting cards for sale here.
Anyone who places an order and mentions My Big, Fat, Cuban Family gets 20% off through August. Coupon code is E8FD4B6E (must be entered to get discount).

[EXTRA DISCOUNT CODE - JUST ADDED]: There is a separate code for the 20% discount for greeting and note cards. Use E942AF61

Am I just killing you here with my amazing Jedi Powers or what?

Let me tell you where else on the web you can find Claudia and her awesomeness (because I'm cool that way):
For a behind the scenes look at how Claudia works her magic, please visit her blog: Lehigh Valley Shutterbug.
Facebook Fan Page: Lehigh Valley Shutterbug
MySpace page Lehigh Valley Shutterbug
Twitter: @LVshutterbug

Good luck and May the Force Be With You!

~ Marta, Jedi Master.  ;-)