Now you can check off item #60 from your Bucket List

What does a family birthday party in Las Vegas look like?

Well, when you're talking about my family, it looks something like this.... (be sure to take notes. =D)

My niece, Nicole, organized the dinner for my sister (her mom), Miriam at Caesars Palace.  It turns out that on Miriam's Bucket List was an item that read "Celebrate my 60th Birthday at Caesars." 

Caesars. Check.


Make it intimate. Maybe just The Siblings. Well, The Sisters, anyway.... (my brother, Rudy who lives in Texas, was sadly, unable to come.)

Sisters. Check.


And while I have them all together, from oldest to youngest - meet my beautiful sisters....





Miriam. The Gorgeous Birthday Girl. And her husband, Tony.

Tony & manana 



And me...


The party was organized by Nicole & Isaac at Beijing Noodle No. 9.

Nik & Isaac  

Eric couldn't get away because he was working. So Amy accompanied me.

(I love this photo...)

Amy fish

Of course, if you're at Caesars Palace, it's imperative that both Caesar AND Cleopatra come to personally wish you a happy birthday. 

Royal birthday greetings. Check.

Caesar & cleopatra 

And there must be cake!

Cake and candles. Check.


All the key elements for a good party were definitely in place.

Great destination. Check.

Lots of laughing. Check.

Celebrating a milestone birthday, in an awesome place, surrounded by the people who love you most (...and random Roman royalty). Check.


Happy Birthday, Manana! We love YOU! Check.