Now and then

I love making connections with my photos. 

This is why I don't scrapbook chronologically. I just like to tell my stories.
I like it even more when my photos tell a story on their own. I don't even care if the photos are blurry. I figure it's the story that is more important.

Such is the case here.

Here are Jonathan and Eric admiring the amazing fish tank at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.
(This one was taken a few weeks ago.)

Fish tank 2
Mirage Hotel. Las Vegas. 2009.

As they stood there, I kept thinking that this particular scene looked familiar somehow...

So I searched my older photos and I found this one (taken with my crummy old phone, but that's not important right now).
Fish tank 1
Eric and Jonathan. Birch Aquarium. La Jolla. 2006.

Wow. Just wow.