Not enough superlatives

My nephew, John-Paul was married last Friday to the lovely Jennifer Jo.
There are not enough superlatives to describe how perfectly beautiful the entire affair was.

(Except for the part where my sisters and mom showed up at a different wedding claiming to be the groom, John-Paul's aunts and grandmother. "That's great, but this is Barney's wedding."  Oops! Yes, they made it to the real wedding on time....)

Grandma & sisters
(personally I think they would have had a great time at Barney's wedding too, but that's not important right now.)

My mom got to walk. This is always a highlight for her.Luza & Rudy

 The new Mrs. Verdés was a blushingly gorgeous bride and her father was immensely proud.
Walking with dad
The groom turned from embracing his mother and committed to Jennifer with all his heart.
With Carmen

J&J kiss

The wedding was attended by their very closest friends and family.
The setting (Las Vegas) completely fabulous.
The reception was an intimate dinner at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris.
J&J b:w
Aren't they just incredible? So Beautiful. So happy.
The newlyweds were very obedient to kiss whenever we clinked the glasses. Quick learners!

I've already used up my quota of great descriptive words. Just think of them all. They surely apply.

I pulled together a little slide show. (I'm VERY aware I am completely lame when it comes to this, but Amy Kikita the master, was unavailable. And so the show is all mine. I did my best. Trust me. It's hard to edit video with tears fogging your eyes. ;-)

But here is my sweet tribute to the new Mr. and Mrs. John-Paul Verdés.
May you absolutely live happily every after...

Congratulations, you two!