No 'Flux capacitor' needed

Memory is a funny thing. It can be triggered by a smell, a sound, or (for us visual people) something we see.So here we are in Washinton DC navigating around the Smthsonian museum complex and dodging all the other school groups that are here at this time of year. The Air and Space Museum was fascinating. (Actually, ALL of the Smithsonian museums are, but that's not important right now.) So when I had had enough of airplanes and rockets to last me a lifetime, I wandered into the gift shop where I was stopped dead in my tracks by a blue vinyl bag with the old Pan Am logo... exactly like the one I carried as a brand new Cuban refugee, freshly arrived in America. My blue Pan Am bag was full of my dolls and whatever treasures my 6-year old self thought important to bring to this, our new adopted country. The tears surprised me. Who knew Pan Am was in the business of TIME travel? ;-)0511091147.jpg