Why I go to the dentist - an essay.

P4303494My mom spent the weekend with us. And that means that I've been speaking in Spanish for 48 hours. Which means that I was also thinking in Spanish. Which means it was pretty taxing on my poor bilingual brain. =(

I am delusional enough to think that I express myself pretty well in both languages. ;-)
But sometimes I just can't find "the word."
As in: "what's the word for _____?"

Eric and I went to see Jerry Seinfeld a while back in Las Vegas. Most of his routine was side-splittingly funny. But I can't actually remember too many of the jokes he told. Isn't it weird that you can laugh so hard for two hours and yet retain so little? (Or maybe that's just me. . . =D) Or maybe it's because I tend to get distracted by trying to think of how to translate stuff.

Anyway, what I do remember is a bit he did where he says:
"If the human body were a car, we would not buy it. It just requires too much maintenance."

This kept going through my mind this morning in the dentist's chair.  The tooth-cleaner-girl (I know.  It took me a while to remember that her title is Dental Hygienist. Then I had to look it up because I was confused on how to spell it - but that's not important right now) was commending me for my flossing skills, but, she said, I still wasn't getting to those pesky big-teeth-in-the-back (I know. Molars. I couldn't think of that word either. Then I didn't really know how to spell it because really, when do you ever use the word, "molars" in day-to-day life?)
So, rather than blaming my soon-to-be-52-year-old brain, I blame it on all the hard work of translating-before-speaking I did over the weekend, and wracking my brain for "the word." 

So, I was explaining to my mom today about my visit to the dentist this morning. (because now that I am an adult I have figured out that this is one of those body-maintenance things that even though I truly hate and resent and actually do better with, when I'm say. . . umm,  sedated, I actually understand why it's important.)

But, I just couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how to translate lovely parting gifts. =D