Isn't it ironic?

Habana_cafe024_1I get asked all the time if I still have family in Cuba.
The answer is yes.  And we are still in contact. 

I have a cousin who sent me this. It's a paper place mat from a Cuban knockoff of a Hard Rock type of place. (my scanner couldn't get the whole thing) They call it the Habana Café and it is in the heart of Havana, Cuba.

Yes, THAT Havana. In communist-run Cuba. "The Worker's Paradise."  (scratching my head here in confusion)

Their "theme" revolves around classic AMERICAN cars. And they play music by Beny Moré (who stopped recording in 1958, I think).

Isn't it ironic that all the cars are AMERICAN made?

And all were built BEFORE 1960?

And the music they play is from BEFORE the revolution?

And that the color is vibrant and so NOT olive-drab?

Could it be that we Cuban-American exiles aren't the only ones who are nostalgic for Cuba B.C?

I wonder if they share my sentiments?  ;-)