On the flip side . . .

P72169701My very favorite thing about living here in Mission Viejo is The Lake. If we're not down at the beach in Laguna, we can be found at The Lake. 
Sandy bottom, clear, just-right water temp and free concerts on Saturdays during the summer. All that within walking distance!

Secretly, I like to think of it as MY lake. The east beach is the city's best kept secret and I occasionally condescend to share it with a few privileged others (as if ... Seriously, my delusions know no limit! =D).

So, this year's concert line-up included Stephen Stills. (heavy sigh) Yes, Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield and CSNY.  Stephen Stills the author of  Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (one of my very favorite songs of all time and especially because the cryptic Spanish lyric at the end refers to "Cuba, la Reina del Mar Caribe"). Stephen Stills my favorite of the four because of his salsa rhythms. Stephen Stills with his 1958 White Falcon guitar (which he's actually playing in the picture above and I had been a big enough fan of his through my teen years to recognize it, but that's not important right now).

P7216956 Most of the population (and lake members) of our fair city turned out for Stephen. We had to get up at 6 am the day of the event to wait in line for wristbands (when I say "we," I mean Eric =D) to be put into groups to be allowed onto the concert grass area to claim your spot by putting down one blanket. Eric was in the second wristband group and so we had a great spot.  We arrived to reclaim our spot around 6:30 pm and enjoyed a picnic and made friends with the folks around us.

Of course, the discussion turned to the music we would be hearing and I made a comment about what was "on the flip side" of Suite: Judy Blue Eyes and the conversation continued. After a few moments, I realized that "on the flip side" is a colloquialism whose original meaning is lost to modern culture.  By my choice of words, I had completely just dated myself ... again. (sigh)

The flip side was the B side of a 45 rpm record. It was usually a song of lesser popularity than the A side. (i.e. Helplessly Hoping was on the flip side of Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.)

It is also used to describe something that is the antithesis or the complete opposite of something else. (i.e. I didn't get to see Stephen perform at Woodstock in 1969, but on the flip side, I was treated to an outstanding performance last night by one of my favorite artists, at my favorite spot, surrounded by my favorite people.)  ;-)