My Sweet Prince

Today Jonathan is twelve years old.  TWELVE!

Changes I've noticed recently:
His stick-straight hair is now coming in uber-curly.
He seems to have a bit of lingering dirt on his upper lip.
His voice can't decide between alto and soprano.
And his personality is fully blooming right now.

For his birthday we are having a Murder Mystery Dinner tonight. 
It's called Barbecue with the Vampire.  (barbecue, not interview!)

Let me describe his character:
He is a slick, handsome and incredibly conceited young prince from a small Eastern European country.  When his father's government was overturned a year ago, he and his family used their private jet to escape.  They arrived here during Hurricane Vlad.  He expects people to treat him like royalty, and usually everyone does.

There's just something about him that's compelling . . . perhaps it's his hypnotic gaze. . . ;-)
Oh and he's been practicing his Transylvanian accent. 

Pc211937 God, I love this kid! =D