My ordinary life.

P7176896Amy is just getting off work and heading over here.
Eric is working on a proposal at his computer.
Lucy is practicing Tiny Dancer on the piano.
Jonathan is composing the score for his next film on GarageBand.
Adam calls to let me know he won't be here on time, but can I please save him some food? And by the way, he will be bringing Nick and Kenny.
"We have enough, right?"
(I think it's cool that he makes this assumption. =D)
In a short while, we will be sitting down at the table.
No eating in front of the tv or disappearing into their rooms with a plate.
I know I am totally old-fashioned and a hopeless dork, but it is so very important to me that we all stop our busyness to make time to enjoy a meal together.
I insist they stop what they are doing and we come together and discuss our day, or make plans, or play word games. We hold hands and give thanks to God for his generous provision. Sometimes the topics are lighthearted and other times we can get pretty intense.
Our dinner table is the heart of our home. It is the primary place where I share the beauty and warmth of my Cuban heritage.
I know our family is an anomaly in this culture, but I don't really care. In fact, I"m really proud of that.
I love that we are able to celebrate our very ordinary lives together.
And I also know that in this day and age, that is pretty extraordinary.

I made "Fufú" today over at Babalú.
Oh, yes, you read that right, but you probably pronounced it wrong.
Fufú. Accent on that second "u." (Mashed Plantains)
Get over the name. Just go try it. =D