The Tails That Bring Us Together

Amy here.  Mom cooked a gourmet dinner for Dad last night and is also making Fricasé de Pollo over at Babalú today so I figured I could take over the blog for a day.

But what to write about?

My Mom's (& Dad's) Anniversary yesterday?  My sister's birthday party tomorrow?  Man, what were my parents thinking having my sister just a couple days after their anniversary??  Who knows . . . but I digress.

When Mom first got married, it was a big change because up until then (with the exception of the first couple years of my life) it was just her, Adam, and me.  Then we added someone (and I adore him), but she and I still had that same special “just girls” relationship. 

And just as we were getting used to saying “the four of us,” the “replacement” daughter comes along.

Oh yes, the replacement daughter . . . Lucy.





Shoot, I'm just a rough draft compared to that gorgeous final copy.  I will freely admit that I compared myself to Lucy (even though she is 10 years younger than me) and found myself lacking in every department.

I became gripped by the (ridiculous) fear that Mom would love this little pink baby more than she loved me and we would lose our “exclusive” status.

The problem is, Lucy is too lovable to really be worthy of sibling rivalry or any other type of jealousy.  She is just amazing and a gift from God. 

Can you guess what happened?

For a time, Lucy and I were the ones with “exclusive” status.  Suddenly, I had a SISTER.  It was foreign to me, since all I ever had was Adam . . . Adamwho is cute in his own way, but he's no sister (thank God!)

It gets better.

Now this “Exclusive Girl Circle” includes the three of us.  Meaning, I decided to let Lucy into mom's and my secret club.  We have finally found that balance where the three of us can go and be together and enjoy ourselves.  Now when people say “those girls” they are usually referring to the three of us.

Within this “Circle of Three,” we also do things by twos. Mom and I went to Miami together.  Mom and Lucy go get pedicures together.  Lucy and I went to the Angel game together.

But we all share a love for music and the theater.  And one night, we were having a grand old time singing a song from “Hairspray.” (the only reason I know it's from the "old school" Hairspray is because that is what my mom told me - and you get extra points if you can get to Kevin Bacon from there!!) 

We were laughing so hard we were crying.  And now, every time someone starts that song, we all line up and dance and sing the chorus.  We really are a sight to see.

The minute we heard "Hairspray" was coming to theaters, we made a pact to go together.  What an awesome movie!  How much fun did we have!!  How sad that our song wasn't there . . . SOOOOO SAD!!

But, we went through it together.  And if you ask me who my favorite people to spend time with are, I would have to say, "Bob & Juicy." 

(I had a horrible head cold and was incapable of saying "Mom" without it sounding like "Bob" so I eventually gave in and the name stuck.  As far as calling Lucy "Juicy" is concerned, it rhymes and now there is a cool song about it.)





I thought you'd never ask . . .