My hero.

I've mentioned before how we don't choose to have cable and therefore don't get tv channels here where we live.  So, my kids don't get to watch tv (I know... poor, losery homeschooled kids... shut up.).

They are allowed to watch some movies, especially on our outdoor big screen, and certain approved tv shows. And yes, we do own lots of dvds. =D

So, tonight I was in the kitchen slicing up onion and peppers and garlic for dinner when I accidentally stabbed myself with one of my extra sharp kitchen knives.

I called out (or maybe I made a sort of in-human guttural noise, but that's not important right now =D) and Jonathan quickly came running.

"What happened, Mom?"

I explained about the accidental finger stab as I was putting pressure on it to make it stop bleeding.  It was a pretty deep stab and I'm a big baby, but I had my Brave Mom face on, even though I thought for sure I was going into shock and was already mentally going into an explanation to the imaginary paramedics before I slowly slipped out of consciousness... (okay, so maybe it wasn't that dramatic, but it was a pretty deep puncture.)

When I explained what had happened, Jonathan jumped into action.  He dug in the drawer where I keep the steel thing that sharpens my knives.  He quickly opened the freezer and plunged it into the ice cube bin.  He was reassuring me the whole time and telling me to maintain the pressure on the wound.

After about a minute, he asked to see the place where I had stabbed myself.  It started to bleed again and was still painfully throbbing. 

This is the part where I was left a little dumbfounded.  He reached into the freezer and pulled out the now icy steel-knife-sharpening-thing and placed the ice-cold steel on the wound. 

Cold metal on cut
Within a minute it had cauterized, was completely closed up and was no longer hurting! 

Amazing. Seriously. Just amazing.

I was stunned.

"Where on earth did you learn how to do that??"

He looked at me sheepishly and answered: "MacGyver."

I looked him in the eye and simply said: "My hero."  (and no, I didn't mean Richard Dean Anderson.) ;-)

Jon & Me