My Big, Fat, Noisy Cuban After-Party (come on - do The Wave with us...)

Exhausted but happy. So much I want to share.
The wedding was last night and it was fabulous, but I have to have some functioning brains cells to do it justice, so I will save posting about that until I get home.

I've had some incredible experiences with my family this weekend, but seriously, the after-party at my cousin's house tops them all. 

Everyone leaves tomorrow. For California. For Texas. And even for Cuba.  We don't know when we'll all be together again, but trust me when I tell you we took full advantage of our time together.

Our sides were splitting from laughing so hard. Seriously. We're all hoarse from yelling and carrying on.


The highlight was trying to teach Tio Fernando (97) how to do The Wave.....

FERNANDO (with his hands obediently high in the air): "What's supposed to happen now?"

We all just dissolved into piles of noisy laughter.

I know. You just had to be there.

And THAT was the best part. We were ALL there. =D

(Thanks, Illy & Bob for your generous hospitality!)