My Big, Fat, Cuban Family Photo Op

I'm sure there are lots of obedient people who, when the photographer says, “say cheese!” do so without any problems.

My big, fat, Cuban family? Not so much.

Please enjoy.

Adam & stephanie
My son, Adam and his fiancee, Stephanie.

Amy adam katie
My son, Adam. My daughter, Amy Kikita. My niece, Katie.

Daisy helen ben
My sister, Helen and her two grandchildren, Daisy and Ben.

Ofie & kids
My sister, Ofelia and two of her five grandchildren, Frankie and Quinton.

My family: Stephanie, Adam, Me, Eric, Lucy, Amy Kikita, Jonathan. (Please notice that Jon is still posing.)

Amy luza
My daughter, Amy Kikita and my mom, Luza (98).

My kids
My four kids: Adam, Jonathan, Amy, Lucy.

Aren't they adorable?

I might just have to frame that last one. Uh-oh! Maybe the problem is with me?*sigh*

Happy New Year from me and my big, fat, (disobedient) Cuban family.