My Big, Fat Cuban Outdoor Movie Theater

P7076574Okay, so.... The Darby Backyard Movie Theater ROCKS!

I know you were curious.
(I may never come back inside again. =D)

Movies and popcorn under the stars.
The picture is crystal clear.
The sound is perfect.
The whole scene is just idyllic.

Makes me want to have a party. (actually, just about anything makes me want to have a party - I can't help it. I'm Cuban. Entertaining is in my blood.)

Tomorrow is Adam's 21st birthday. S0 tonight there will be a big, fat Cuban celebration at our house.  Adam has invited a dozen of his friends, whom I'll be feeding and entertaining.

I am serving Pan con Lechon, Mariquitas and Matervas. Pastelitos de guayaba for dessert.
And because it's a party for Adam (Class Clown in Residence), we're going to show The Court Jester.

I think it's apropos. ;-)