Murder at the Deadwood Saloon

The town of Deadwood, specifically the Deadwood Saloon was the place to be on New Year's Eve.

After weeks of play, the biggest poker tournament west of the Mississippi had concluded and it was time to celebrate and the prize money was going to be awarded at a party at the famed Deadwood Saloon.


In attendance were all sorts of visitors to Deadwood, including bankers, gamblers, gunslingers and saloon girls.

Whole gang

It was a wonderfully rowdy celebration.


And the festivities were hosted by Harry Highstakes himself.

Jon & hat

But when it was time for the prize money to be awarded, a terrible thing happened. The lights went out and someone turned up dead.

Dead guy

It's a good thing local law enforcement was on hand.


Because each one of these innocent looking visitors definitely had a motive for murder.

Murder people

Time to round up the usual suspects....



NOTE: It's quite fun to host a murder.

This one, called Murder at the Deadwood Saloon was from an online company that I think provides particularly good materials. It's called Night of Mystery and they provide everything you need to host a really good murder. (No, they're not paying me to endorse them, they just are really that good, but that's not important right now.)

The materials are all provided in a download-able format and you also get detailed instructions and great party ideas.

The kids all got into their characters and as you can see, were dressed to kill.

It was a great way to celebrate New Year's Eve and Jonathan's birthday (which is on December 30th).

I'll admit to you that I was actually glad when it was all over. Because hosting multiple Nochebuena and Christmas and New Year's/Birthday parties in less than a week, was....well....murder. ;-)


Happy New Year! (Now it's time for my nap....)