The Lucy Show

This is what happens when you have creative women in the house and a rip in the knees of your jeans.


I think I remember it being last year's JCrew catalog that showed patched jeans for about $300. (!!)

At times like these I make my kids repeat these magical words:

"Mi mamá cose."
"My mother sews."

Seriously, all that good Cuban-Wife-in-Training stuff comes in handy in times of fashion emergencies.  =D

So when Lucy's jeans fell victim to her bicycle chain and a fierce game of tag, she decided she could probably patch them herself. Aren't they so cool?

So she wore her new/old patched jeans to Junior High Day last week and guess what?

That's right. Now she has a stack of jeans from her friends requesting patches.
She's thinking a website... ebay... maybe a blog...

The apple does not fall far from the tree.  (sigh)