Mixing business with pleasure

We're back on the road to Vegas this weekend, but let me tell you why...

My blog-pal, Amy Arnaz, wife of my pastelito-loving friend, Desi Arnaz Jr. invited us to come and enjoy a special tribute concert this coming weekend at their beautifully renovated Historic Boulder Theatre.

Yes, of course we're going. For three reasons:

1) The Arnaz's were gracious enough to invite us. (!)

2) Eric had business in nearby Las Vegas this same weekend, (is that serendipidous, or what?) so we'd be in town anyway.

2) The tribute concert is called Tormé Sings Tormé.  It will be performed by Steve March Tormé (a childhood friend of Desi's) doing a classy tribute to the life and music of his dad, Mel Tormé

Yes, Mel Tormé, silver-throated jazz legend (also featured in the Seinfeld episode, The Jimmy, but that's not important right now). 

So, to recap, my weekend will involve a fabulous getaway with my husband in Vegas for a few nights, then a few days in Boulder City during which I get to spend time with Desi (*sigh*) and the lovely Amy, and enjoy Steve's big band tribute to his amazing dad.

Major added bonus: Just found out that Desi will be playing drums at the show. (Thank you, God!)

Could I be any more excited?