Miss Lucy Goes to Washington - Part Deux

Lucy is in Washington D.C. for the week (see earlier post). This entry describes the 2nd leg of her flight from Houston to D.C.

DISCLAIMER: I am completely aware that the following post may only be of interest to me (as her mom) but I am really enjoying the description of her adventures and wanted to share.

NOTE: For better understanding of what you're about to read, know that we call her Lucy Goose.

(Did I mention this girl wants to be a writer?) Enjoy.


Little Goose to Mothership:

I'm gonna take a gander (HA) at the time in the real world and assume that it's a little bit past noon? Too bad there's no--

Aha! Little clock widget... It's about 1:10 in Los Angeles. Cool.

We landed safely and a bit early (like 1:43 instead of 2:05?) and Sleepy Woman #1 (the one on my right) welcomed me to Houston and wished me luck on my connection to my next flight.

After waiting a good ten minutes for everyone to move forward, I got up, grabbed my laptop bag and coat and looked up at the baggage areas above us. I had put my suitcase in the one above the seats several rows back, for lack of space. What to do... what to do...

Luckily, sometimes people are nice. The gentleman sitting behind me grabbed it for me. Thanks, Stranger.

Got off the plane, realized that I was in Texas (Hot. Humid. Kinda nice.) and scampered over to the big Arrival/Departure screen to check to see if my gate stayed the same. Sure enough: Gate C33...

*looks around*



Sat down, promptly got up again, went to bathroom, came back and settled into a seat with my laptop.

Note to self: airport Wi-Fi sorta kinda sucks. I got online and chatted with Amy for a few seconds. Then it stopped working. Tried getting on Gmail, Twitter, and my blog to see if any of my posts had gone up...

I dunno if I'll be able to send you these until we reach the conference center . *sigh* Oh well. This gives me something to do for awhile. Besides trying to take some photobooth photos.

Two girls sitting to my right. (I get the aisle seat. This pleases me.) I feel my IQ dropping just by listening to them. Uh oh... I feel a snippet coming on!

- - -

"So, like, I knew this girl in, like, way back when in high school? So, like, one day, when I was, like, 'Hey, what's goin' on,' ya know? She was like, 'oh hi' like, I barely know you, kinda? *laughter* But, no, seriously, there was this one time when, like, I had bought this pickle? Ya know? Like, as a snack? Cause I mean, like sure! *laughter* But yeah, I was so excited for my snack, you know? So I brought it home and then, when I got back, it was gone! So I was like... who could've eaten it? There are only two people here... and I didn't eat it. *laughter* But yeah. Totally weird."


That's a keeper. (Then I stopped listening.)

Great Glory and Splendor! Food cart is coming my way right now. AHHH. So pleased. It smells pleasant. Not really sure what's we're getting...

Oh look. The cutest little turkey sandwich ever. With chips. Yay!

*nom nom nom*

*moves chips out of the way* Chocolate? 

I am now well-fed, not too tired, entertained, and looking forward to the rest of the day. There are TV screens everywhere, but one must swipe a credit card to get a movie. Never mind. I have movies to watch. So there.

Old Man With Foodcart (in a suh-thun accent:) "Watch those elbows... watch those elbows... move it or lose it, hun. Watch it... watch it..."

Hehe. On a separate note, I have tons of charge on my battery still, so I should start my movie pretty soon. Or I could read for a bit... or take pictures of my little setup...

*gets out camera, snaps pictures, puts camera away*

I'll try uploading tonight. And sending you a couple. Or blogging about each one. I dunno. Whatever I FEEL like. Goshdarnit!

Right. Still miss you, although I'm having a relatively pleasant time.

Little Goose, goin' radio silent. *salutes*


Lucy & flag

[Marta here: The waiting continues, until she finally lands. *mom & dad sigh a collective sigh of relief*]


Little Goose to Mothership:

And so I wait. The flight was fine. Got a little turbulent--

*is found by Kiana, YAF Intern*

*finds other girl in airport*

*gets into van with Evan, another YAF person*

*travels to Maryland, to conference center*

*checks in*

*makes a dozen new friends*

*eats pizza*

*is uploading photos in the student lounge*

Love you!

"My daughter. Been studying abroad. Been flying for eleven hours. I'm not wild about her being in the air. You got kids, Juan. You understand. It's better when they're on the ground."

                                        ~ Steve Martin, Father of the Bride