Miss Lucy Goes to Washington - Part 1

My Lucy (Lucy Goose to you) is in Washington D.C. this week for a conference sponsored by Young America's Foundation. We're excited she was able to participate and I believe it will be a wonderful experience for her.

What I was NOT prepared for was my own reaction as the realization hit me that she was going to be traveling ALONE.  I mean....alone alone.

So I helped her choose conservative outfits for the events and banquets (which, let me tell you, was no easy task in 2010. Apparently clothes for young ladies make it appear that they are grooming to become hookers these days, but that's not important right now) and helped her pack her bag.

I reminded her a dozen times to take chargers and toothbrush and....well, you know the drill.

"Call me! Text me when you get a layover! Make good choices!" And then she was on her own.

She's sending me updates which are amusing enough to share, so I'm doing so for your blogging entertainment. (And because it will be difficult for me to focus on much of anything else while she's gone.)

Eric dropped her at the airport which is where her narrative begins.


Little Goose to Mothership:

Left the house at approximately 7:17am.
Security Line: 7:44am. No hassle there. Dad asked one of the airplane-security-faces if he could stand in line with me, even though he wasn't traveling.

He then struck up a conversation with one of the women in line. Because she was holding a pillow:

"That's smart. *laugh* You know, George Bush always takes his pillow with him when he flies. So does my wife."

*meanwhile, Lucy pretends to busy self with cell phone*

Texted the paternal unit and assured him that I had made it through alive (they accepted an old student ID, so no worries there). Then proceeded to sit around for a good, oh, 10 minutes by my gate and took a few pictures. Boarded without any trouble whatsoever. (St. Christopher. Yup.) 


[Marta here: I gave her a St. Christopher medal last year and explained that he was the patron saint of travelers. From Wikipedia: "He holds patronage of things related to travel and travelers: against lightning; against pestilence; archers; bachelors; boatmen; bookbinders; epilepsy; floods; fruit dealers; fullers; gardeners; for a holy death; mariners; market carriers; motorists and drivers; sailors; storms; surfers[8]; toothache; and transportation workers. - I'm not taking any chances, okay?]

Back to Miss Lucy...

I found my seat, put my suitcase on the overhead rack and my coat and laptop bag are resting on my feet.

Yes, I remembered my toothbrush. Yes, I remembered my phone charger. Yes, I remembered my makeup. Yes, I remembered my perfume.

I'm currently sitting in between two older women. The one on my right (who has taken control of the window) likes to chat. Her mother lives in Houston, but she grew up in Huntington, so she was visiting for a few days and she has a niece who wants to go to Santa Cruz to study psychology, but she doesn't think the girl's mother will let her (insert light chuckling here).

I put in my headphones soon after this conversation.

About... oh, 5 minutes ago, "How To Train Your Dragon" finished playing. I watched it... but my headphones refused to cooperate with the system. I enjoyed it, as one can only enjoy a movie when you can't hear it.

Just looked up at the little screen. Not a clue what's playing right now.

Oh hey! We got complimentary drinks and breakfast... sorta. Cornflakes. I passed. No worries, I ate before I left and I have snack stuff with me. Considering buying a light lunch when we stop in Houston.

Let's see... anything else... hmm...
I could take about the clouds, I guess...
*looks out window*
Yup. Clouds. They're there.

I texted Bryant when I was waiting for the security check and told him I would try to stay out of trouble (yes, I identified myself.)

Ooh, what a horrible conundrum. Woman to my left is sleeping... but I just drank a whole Coke. What to do, what to do... I think we're going to land soon.
Actually, I don't have a clue about our time situation at the moment. The captain doesn't like to talk to us (mildly unsettling).

Haven't taken any pictures of myself with the real camera. Just some basic travel shots. My gate, walking down the accordion thing, the view from my seat, my Coke, the window... A few photobooth ones. I'll send 'em to you. And blog tonight.

Two babies (I think the term "little people" is far more appropriate) have taken turns screaming.

OH MY. TOY STORY CLOUDS. I'd take a photobooth picture... If she would just fall back asleep again.

I suppose I could finish this up and read a bit... or nudge my way to the "lavatory."


He's talking to us! "Nice weather. We're going down. Put on your seatbelts. Now."

Or something--

Woaaaaah descending. Ears. Pressure. Stomach. Ahhhhhhhh.

I should pack up my laptop now. I'll send this during the layover.

Love you, miss you, mean it,

Little Goose, over and out.

[Stay tuned for the next installment of 'Miss Lucy Goes to Washington' later today. Meanwhile Mama Marta breathes a sigh of relief and takes another tranquilizer. Shut up. I know. ;-) ]