Mi cama es su cama - NOT!

I got new bedding stuff for our room.  It looks regal, yet jungly and our bed looks like the King it is with all the new stuff.  (FYI - I got it online at Target

I don't know, but there's something about it being a new year that makes me want everything to be new.  And it also makes me want to travel.  New year = new stuff + travel.  I know.  Weird equation. 

Just the fact that we continue to call this the New year makes me think of possibilities. 
Anyway, back to the bed thing. . .

I start thinking of traveling, which makes me think of how much I like to stay at B & B's because they're like what I wish my home was like all the time, so then I thought, hey, I can totally re-create that feel with just new bedding.  (see how my A.D.D. mind works?)

Ta-Da! Beauty, isn't it?


This beautiful new look means, of course, that I had to banish the cats from my bedroom, which makes me the Meanest Mom in the Whole Wide World . . .

but Lucy is nice. =D