Memorials and Margaritas

Eric and I just got back from a perfectly relaxing few days spent in San Diego.
We went gallery-hopping in La Jolla and out to dinner a couple of times with my niece, Kelley & her husband Jay.
We did nothing but rest and relax for days and it was perfectly lovely.
There was one day, though, when things could have definitely gone South....

Let me explain:
We had no sooner arrived in San Diego than we found out that Monday was Cinco de Mayo. Every single sign from every single Mexican restaurant and taqueria told us so.

"Eric, it's Cinco de Mayo tomorrow! We have to do something to celebrate!"

(Okay, well technically, I'm not exactly sure what happened on May 5th that's cause for celebration here in Southern California, but it's a big deal here just like St. Patrick's Day is a semi-ethnic day that people use as an excuse to get drunk. Okay, well, maybe I do remember something from 4th grade history about the Battle of Puebla and Mexico gaining their independence from Spain back in 1821, but for the purposes of this story, it's really not important right now. =D)

Eric doesn't even bat and eye. "I know just the thing," he says.

Here's where my husband and I differ on the celebratory aspect.....

I'm thinking a Cadillac Margarita with some tasty Mexican food would be perfect (and I say so).

He swears he has a Better Idea.

So we drive up to the top of Mt. Soledad to the Veteran's Memorial up there. It's an amazing tribute, honoring those veterans and active military who have served our country during times of conflict. It not only is a lovely memorial, but it has a breathtaking view of all of San Diego.

Okay, it was a beautiful place and I'm totally in sync with the importance of having a place like this to honor the sacrifices that veterans have made so that we can have the freedoms that we enjoy.  And I was thrilled and moved as we read each veteran's contribution and service record.  And yes, that included the service records of many Mexican-Americans.  I was so glad we were there. So glad to have experienced this.

It's just that I was not catching on to the Celebratory Cinco de Mayo aspect of it.
"This is amazing! But where's my Cadillac Margarita?"
To my credit, I really did say the 2nd part under my breath. (even though I freely admit that, yes, I can totally be that shallow if the occasion calls for it. =D)

So my geographically astute husband points me to the south.

"Look," he says triumphantly, "Mexico!"

And he's right. Mission Bay in the front. The San Diego city skyline to the left. The Coronado bridge behind that and that sprawling land mass behind it is Mexico.

"Happy Cinco de Mayo, Honey!"

Okay, Wise Guy, you're right. And okay, I totally concede that his is a much better sight than me after a Cadillac Margarita.

(SIGH)  He knows me so well.   ;-)