Meet me on Calle Ocho

Kikita here.  I'm still recovering from my time in Miami.  And I'm realizing just how much I miss being there.
After spending the rainy days alone in my hotel room without Cuban food, Mami was on a mission to only eat Cuban food for the rest of the trip.  So her first day she begins texting furiously.
And gets Amanda (one of our blogging buddies) to drop everything to meet us for dinner . . .

There are plenty of calls flying back and forth.  Here I was thinking that the trip to Sentir Cubano was for me . . . yeah, NO.  It was just a stalling place while we waiting for Amanda to weave her way through Miami traffic.  (not that I'm complaining - after all, I DID find the VIOLETAS)

Amanda 1

She also got Amanda to bring her boys so that I would be entertained. =D

Besides, I know I've only met her boys once, but I just adore them . . . and was really hoping to see some good looking Cubans on Calle 8.  (notice: I got my wish)

Amanda 3

Mami said that because of where Amanda lives and where we were staying, meeting on Calle 8 was actually the halfway point . . . I'm not sure I believe her.  Also, she decided we were going to La Carreta "just to change things up."  Really, I think it was part of her plan all along . . . because then they would have plenty of time to catch up and chat and it wouldn't be as crowded as Versailles.

Amanda 2

So we ate and they talked and I played with the boys . . . and held them . . . and eventually . . .

history repeated itself.

Amanda 4

(what you don't see in this picture is Brandon, Matty's older brother, taking a nap on my lap)