MBFCF Giveaway Week is over - And the Winners are...

Thank you.

I'm so grateful that so many of you joined in my 6th Blogiversary Celebration Week. I am humbled by your wonderful response and good wishes. I so love when you play along with me, but that's not important right now.


Sometimes I think I've told all the stories I have to tell and that I don't have one creative bone left in my body. Sometimes I stare at the blank screen and find it impossible to string two words together to attempt to make a sentence. But then...you leave a comment telling me about your life, or how you found my blog and that it makes you happy, or you tell me about how you love Cuban stuff like I do. This gives me the energy and vision to keep moving forward.

So, once again...Thank you.

Without further ado (drum roll please) here are the winners of last week's giveaways.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

1) The My Big, Fat, Cuban Family Cookbook

Mbfcf cookbook

The MBFCF Cookbook goes to:

Dyana B said...

Oh dear, I have no idea when I found you but I'm so happy that I did. It's been at least four years, for sure!

I love EVERYTHING about your blog! I also live far, far away from anything Cuban and just reading your recipes motivates me to cook at home as well!

If the question of "How long have you been here?" is about the U.S.? Then my whole life. I'm a 1st generation American and very proud of my Cuban heritage! <3

2) Santayana Jewelers Habana Bead Collection Bracelet with 4 charms

If you would like to order your own Habana Collection Charm Bracelet, Santayana Jewelers is very graciously offering an online promotion for My big, fat, Cuban family readers. If you buy 4 beads, the fourth is free when you enter the promo code MARTA at checkout. Go to Santayana Jewelers online.

The beautiful bracelet from Santayana Jewelers goes to:

Jcass0912 said...

What a touching story!!!! How can you pick a favorite?! Each one is so meaningful! I have to say I do love el corazon de meon and la cafetera! Reminds me of my grandmother she used to call us her corazones de melon! This charm would be perfect for my Mom!!!!

3) Juan of the Dead DVD
Juan of the Dead, is available to rent or download on iTunes at http://bit.ly/ZombieRevolution and on DVD at http://bit.ly/zombieRevolution.
 Juan of the dead
The winners of the Juan of the Dead DVD are:
Lilly Medina said...

I'm not really into the zombie fad but this movie was hilarious! One of my favorites for sure!

Rebeca Montalvan Del Sol Toth said...

I absolutely LOVE horror movies, especially Zombie ones! I must have a copy of Juan of the Dead it is so funny and absolutely Cuban! If there was a zombie outbreak in Havana I know our Cuban brothers and sisters could handle it! We are survivors!

Emilia Platas said...

I'm with you on the horror movie thing--even agree on the American Werewolf in London part. However, mi niña is another story! She LOVES Shaun of the Dead. It's like a cult classic with her and her friends! So how perfect would it be to give my USA-born girl some cubanismo in the form of her favorite genre? (Did I mention her b-day is coming up?)I always say one of the best ways to educate is with comedy. Plus, the girl has lots of friends so your friends at Focus World could be sure the film would be seen by other teens and young twenty-somethings. Heck, even I want to see it!


4) The Red Umbrella and A Thunderous Whisper (autographed by the author)
The Red Umbrella and a Thunderous Whisper are both available at Amazon.com.

The red umbrella
A thunderous whisper
The books, The Red Umbrella and a Thunderous Whisper - both autographed by author, Christina Diaz Gonzalez go to:
Esther Avila-Young said...

I remember when I was in Cuba still in the early 60's some of our neighbors boys left as Pedro Pans, and I have also have met some Pedro Pans here in Southern California. What a sadness that must be to leave your parents behind to the unknown and uncertain, not knowing anyone, not knowing the language and hoping that you some day will see your parents again. My heart breaks just thinking about it. What a courage of those parents to send their children before them.
I do have a "Cuando sali de Cuba moment" and story that will share with you one of these days.

5) A Gaviña Gourmet Coffee Basket, which includes their new Holiday Coffee Collection (!)

Gavina coffee gift basket
The fabulous Gaviña Gourmet Holiday Coffee Baskets go to:
BBabushka said...

Which one of the coffees in this Holiday Collection (!) sounds the best to you?

Caramel Spiced Rum- Caramelo, especia- verbo, sazonar, Ron

Vamo mi gente, you can't get more Cuban than that!!

; ) Loving this series Marta- Congrats.


Nancy Reed said...

My first cup in the morning...Well, honestly ANYthing as long as its strong. I even enjoy the FREE coffee at church on Sundays. My afternoon cup (yes usually I do have one)I enjoy my flavored k-cups and it feels like a treat. One of my favorite is the pumkin spice. As an October baby I love anything fall. Happy Anniversary MBFGF! time flies huh?


6) Handpainted Varadero Sign

The hand-painted (by me!) Varadero sign goes to:
Jackie said...

Cute! I can't wait to see what you have in your Etsy shop!

Again, thank you all for your very enthusiastic participation in my Blog-anniversary Giveaway Week and congratulations to all the winners. And a big thank you to all of my giveaway sponsors for their gracious generosity.
If you won, please send me an email with HEY, MARTA! I WON STUFF ON YOUR BLOG! in the subject line so that I won't accidentally delete it. Also, send me your street addresss. I will forward to my giveaway sponsors so you can get your goodies ASAP.
You make me very happy.