Math inferiority

Pa159267I am an Artist.

My kids are all those things, too.  They are also comedians.  (Jon added the theory of relativity when he saw I was taking pictures - cracked me up. =D)

But part of educating them means doing left-brain functions, like math.  (heavy, heavy sigh)

My friend Pam is a Math Whiz.  I totally feel inferior to her when it comes to math. (See? I admit it.) ;-)

Well, technically, I can do Math That Has a Purpose.  I can balance my checkbook and read a ruler and measure ingredients.  And from my graphic design training I know about leading (rhymes with "heading") and kerning and picas

Okay, so I can do math.  But doing problems just for the sake of doing problems?  Yawn.

So how do we get around that whole pesky we-have-to-do-math-for-school thing?  They do it online.
The program is called Aleks Math and it ROCKS!  So they do their math daily and they have to do assessments and they progress at their own speed and it's a real life saver to us artistic, right-brained, creative, spontaneous and random types.

Occasionally they need help.  Which is why I'm so grateful that my brilliant husband was actually a math tutor in college.  (thanks, Honey!)

Because if it was just up to me . . .

1491327326_be5d7b9d9b ;-)