(Can you guess tonight's movie?)

THE original suggestion was a simple one.  PerHaps we can have AN end-of-summer barbecue for our residenT yOung thespians.  They're here every Friday anyway.  Maybe we can watch a Movie, too.

Ah, but you know what can happen to the best laid plans OF mice and men...

There was festive twirling:
Phantom twirling
And yes, THEy were all in costume:
Phantom group

(Our neighbors don't even comPlain anymorE: "Those DaRbys are at it Again, Fred," they sigh.)

We set up the big screen outdoors to watch the musical melodrama that set the theme for the night:

Phantom theater 

My kids looked cute in a disturbingly-scary-creepy way:

Phantom lucy and Jon 

Have you guessed yet which movie we watched?

Does this help?

Phantom Adam 

Who else thinks to have an-end-of-summer-Masquerade??

(Umm... the offspring of the uber-geeks?)

I blame myself.