Making it look easy

For the past few weeks, Amy Kikita and I have been meeting regularly to work on a video/slideshow. 
In this case, it was to honor my nephew, Rafa, who just turned 40. 

When you see the final project, you realize there's more art than science to cutting together a good film. It is sweet and poignant and cute and funny. The song she chose is surprising in its perfection for the subject matter, but you probably would never have thought to apply it this way.

My first-born is an amazing artist when it comes to making short films because, like any master, she makes it seem so effortless.  I can do other stuff, but when it comes to these films, I bow down to her.  Seriously.  I am NOT worthy.

This section captures my nephew, Rafa, the doting father of those three gorgeous kids, in all his glorious fatherhood. Enjoy.

[WARNING: If you have kids, go grab a Kleenex first.]

And, yes. I know. He should totally be a Cuban supermodel.   =D