Making believe.

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Isn't it gorgeous? I sit and stare at it up on my hutch and I feel both peaceful and inspired.

And I remember that I BELIEVE.

I believe in Santa Claus and I believe in Christmas miracles.

I do.

I was once a struggling, working single parent with two small children and no child support.

And then it was Christmas. And my paycheck didn't stretch any further than it usually did. And so I worried and stressed and prayed. But I knew that Christmas was going to be brutal that year. With a 7 year old princess and a 4 year old tough guy. And no extra money for gifts. I can barely stand to remember.

A few days before Christmas, an anonymous cash gift showed up in my mailbox. It wasn't a lot but it was enough that I was able to buy my kids a few toys. And make it look like Santa visited our modest home. 

I never found out who that gracious and generous soul was. But every Christmas I think of them. And their unselfish gift that meant everything to this poor, harried, single mom.

And I believe that it was God himself who whispered my need and my desire into their ears. And I am forever grateful that they listened and played Santa Claus to the single mom and her two kids.

That was one of many Christmas miracles I've experienced.

And so I tell you unashamedly that I believe in Santa Claus. And Christmas miracles. But mostly I believe in a good and generous God who doesn't forget "the least of these."

And so I listen. Just in case he's whispering someone's need in my ear. And I get to play Santa Claus and be a part of someone's Christmas miracle.

Do you believe?