Mad (Cuban) Mom in a Minivan

When I tell people that I homeschool my kids, they seem to be under the (very!) mistaken impression that it means that I have them chained to desks all day and they don't see another soul for hours, days and weeks. Who started this ridiculous myth?

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Right now, as I write this, Adam has a group of Jonathan and Lucy's friends, Jr. High and High School homeschool kids and he's teaching them improvisation games. This occurs here every Friday afternoon.

If we're not here, we're driving.
Boy, are we driving!!

To racquetball.
To tap.
To drama.
To tennis.
To writing class.
To the Y.
To pick up friends.
To the grocery store.
To San Diego.
To Laguna Beach.
To Los Angeles.
To the science center.
To a museum.
To the zoo.
To the theater.
To the local Mexican market.
To the train station.

Just like every other mom with kids involved in different activities.

Well, okay. On the outside we look like any other family in South Orange County.

But in my minivan, while driving to all our different activities, we're listening to Willy Chirino. =D