Mac Scarecrow Syndrome or If I Only Had an iBrain

I am a lover of all things Apple.

Ever since I first worked on a little Mac Plus back in the 80's, I have been hooked.

Right now I work on a Power Mac G5. A big and powerful beast of a tower with an external hard drive that has 1 terabyte of memory. (Okay, so I'm not exactly sure what a terabyte actually is, I just know it's a lot.)

I love my Mac. It speaks my artsy-right-brain language.

So imagine my absolute delight when my fabulous husband decided to buy me an iPhone 3GS last week. (Insert angelic chorus here.)

Oh sure, I got a lot of grief from the various members of my big, fat, Cuban family who all work for Verizon, and in the interest of full disclosure, I have been very happy and extremely satisfied with Verizon and my little LG phone, but that's not important right now.

But just look at this beauty:


And the apps! (That's techno-jargon for applications or "stuff it can do." You're welcome.)

It syncs up to my iTunes and has an iPod feature which lets me play all 2000+ songs from my music library. Or I can watch tv, or YouTube videos. This feature makes me totally happy.


The GPS feature tells me where I am at all times and gives me directions to where I want to be all from typing in a keyword.


Isn't that amazing?

I can surf the web and read my favorite blogs. =D (Either vertically....)


Or horizontally... (just by turning it in the palm of my hand! I know. Shut up!)

Blog 2 

I can even post to my Facebook page or Twitter account from my new iPhone.


And I can play skee ball! (You know how much I love skee ball....) It makes the wooden rolling ball sounds and everything!! (<--- Yes, so much excitement, I needed two exclamation points!)

Skee ball 

And of course, I can text, and take photos and video....


I have already learned so many tricks on how to use it thanks to my BFF, Pam who has been coaching me from afar. (Thanks, Pam!)

And I'm a quick learner, too. Even if I do say so myself. 

I love this phone so much I want to marry it! (I know. Some serious gushing going on here.)

In fact, so far, I've only encountered one teensy, oh-so-minimal glitch with this fabulous techno-marvel which I have aptly named Marta's Magical iPhone.

And I noticed it when I got my first... incoming call.

And, umm.... I didn't know how to answer it. (I know. Shut up.*blushes*)

But did I mention it takes great pictures? =D


(Thanks, Carrie, for not hanging up.)