Are you one of those people that buys a cookbook based on the ability to see the finished dish in color? I totally am.

I guess it's because my learning style is primarily visual. When something is being described to me, I "see" it in my mind's eye. This is also why I can't watch R-rated movies where things are too graphic, but that's not important right now.

So, back to food. (My favorite topic.)


Food blogging (for me) takes quite a bit more effort than just writing about my life or my opinions or my feelings.

First, there's quite a bit of preparation. I have to make sure my kitchen is clean. Because, "hello!" I'm going to be oversharing this with all of cyber-space.


Then I have to have the ingredients out, have my camera-person (usually Lucy) ready to get the perfect shot and there's some styling to do, too. Wiping off a streak of sauce or making the mound of rice look "just so."


This is all happening while the family is smelling whatever is cooking and impatiently asking, "Can we eat yet?" even though they know that there won't be any eating before the documenting and oversharing is done.

Now that I've gotten into the habit of always photographing my food, and oversharing it all over social media, I've found that I take a lot of pictures of my food even when I'm not posting recipes. Particularly when it's Cuban food.

Yuca frita

Maybe I'm just trying to re-live the magic of whatever awesome meal I'm currently eating. Or maybe I know that other people who love Cuban food as much as I do will appreciate how thoughtful I am to overshare my food with you.

And sometimes I overshare even if it isn't Cuban food.

In & out

Sometimes it's just breakfast.


I think it's because I have a natural gift of hospitality and  oversharing comes naturally.

So, if you'd like to join me in my oversharing, please look for me on Facebook, or Pinterest, or Twitter, or Instagram.

I'm the one with the delicious looking feed. (I swear. They call these things "feeds." Coincidence?)

I'm Marta. Oversharing my food since 2006.