Look at your life through Heaven's eyes

Papi_luza_50thI think of questions for him all the time.
I remember things I want to discuss with him.
And then I remember.
He died.
Eight years ago today.

My dad passed away. And I cried orphan tears. Big, fat, splashing down my face tears.
Papi was gone. And I still miss him.

My kids, Amy and Adam cut together this video with photos and a little bit of film.  The song tells about looking at your life through Heaven's Eyes. 

I cry every single time I see that captured smile at the very end.
He left a close knit and devoted family.
An adoring wife of sixty years.
Five beautiful daughters and one handsome son.
Four devoted sons-in-law. And a doting daughter-in-law.
Sixteen grandchildren ranging in ages from 43 to 12.
Seven great grands, ages 10 months to 7 years.

He was well respected. A man of his word. He didn't survive against all odds. He did not witness the extraordinary. But he did make some courageous decisions at a crucial time in our lives that have impacted all of us, his descendants and our futures.

He was quiet and whip smart. He had a dry and wicked sense of humor. And I always felt completely secure in his love for me - that was his greatest gift to me. It's that legacy I hope will continue to the next generation.

I miss my Papi.