Lock and Load

It has been pouring here in So Cal.  Lots of rain. Heavy-storm kind of rain. Confusing, what-kind-of-shoes-do-we-wear-in-this-stuff kind of rain.

It just doesn't rain here often and we southlanders never quite know what to do with ourselves in the rain.  In fact, we don't even know how to drive when it rains here, but that's a rant post for another day. . .

My kids are usually very capable of entertaining themselves, but I guess there was just something about the rain that made them a little restless.  It's one thing to choose not to go outside, it's an entirely different thing to be forced to stay inside.

"Only boring people get bored," I tell them. "Go find something to amuse yourselves."

Minutes later I hear what sounds like horses galloping up and down the stairs.  Then doors slamming noisily.  Then raucous laughter.

I start to wish at this point that I had specified that they find a quiet activity, but it's too late for that now.  They are obviously engrossed in the galloping-door slamming-raucous laughter activity.  And they're very obviously amused by it. (sigh)

I begin to hear the unmistakable sounds of score-keeping.  "That's five!"

Gallop, gallop, gallop. Door slam. Bua-haha-ha-HAAH! "Seven!"

The house is rattling from the rain outside and the galloping, slamming, laughing, and scorekeeping indoors. 

"What on earth are they doing??"  Eric and I finally succumb to curiousity. . .

There's a Nerf War in progress!


A Nerf War???

Umm. . . can Dad and I play?  =D