Living the dream

I'm so proud of Eric.

He was finally able to quit his day job and come home. (Yay!)
Let me say that again . . .

I'm so delighted. We all are.
It's just so nice to have him home.
And he's got some great clients. I can't even tell you how wonderful this is. (picture me flipping cartwheels . . . umm. . . or not. . .  =D)

Anyway, we are sooo celebrating!

He's even hired Amy to work for him, which means she's here at home during the day too. (So proud!)

Working from his home office means he doesn't have to deal with difficult and quirky office personalities anymore.
It means he can relax and just do what he does best.
It means he can just focus on his work without worrying about annoying interruptions.

Or not. . .

Welcome home, Honey! It's GOOD to have you here.   ;-)