I'm a world-class list maker.

I make grocery lists, things-to-do lists, and lists of chores. I have lists of books I want to read and movies I want to watch.
I have lists of places I want to visit and emails I need to answer.

I just put my Cuban uncle on a plane this afternoon and to be honest, I'm a little wiped out.
As I sat down just now to blog, what kept running through my brain was the following list:

In the past three weeks I have:
- cooked dozens of meals.
- done twelve loads of laundry.
- spoken more Spanish than usual.
- put hundreds of miles on my new car.
- taken over one thousand pictures.
- met a former presidential candidate.
- packed a picnic.
- taken a ferry.
- been to Disneyland.
- seen the Hollywood sign.
- made travel reservations.
- toured a vineyard.
- visited a mission.
- bought produce from street vendors.
- made pastelitos de guayaba four (!) times.
- had a birthday party.
- driven up and down the coast.
- taken a train.
- had dozens of people in my home.
- sent and received tons of text messages.
- made a photo album.
- fertilized my roses.
- designed a picket fence. (which my fabulous husband is in the process of building, but that's not important right now.)
- co-hosted a podcast.
- been through airport security. (that's a story for another day...)
- blogged intermittently. (thanks, Amy! =D)
- not been alone for more than ten minutes (or the time it takes me to shower) Wait... was that an over-share?

Eric has graciously taken the kids to a movie tonight so I can be alone.
I'm feeling very satisfied with all that we've done and I feel confident we showed my uncle a great time.

But, to be honest, I'm also feeling a little over-exposed and in need of a cafécito.


See what I mean? ;-)