Life finds a way

We have been very lucky in my big, fat, Cuban family.  We always seem to equalize when we lose someone. What I mean by that is that when there has been divorce or death, it is inevitably followed by a wedding or a birth.

"God gives. God takes. God's name be ever blessed."
                                            ~ Job 1:21 (The Message)

I was contemplating this while in the midst of the preparations for my brother-in-law's memorial.
It was then that I receive a text from my nephew, Michael, who lives in South Miami Beach.

I'm engaged.


Her name is Kimberly.


She fits right in. You'll love her.


She's Cuban.


He sent the following picture:
M_k_engaged Michael's in love.
With a Cuban girl.
And is getting married. (which means we get to go to a wedding in Miami sometime soon, but that's not important right now.)
How adorable is this??

Congratulations, Michael and Kimberly!

Kimberly Verdés. It has a nice ring to it, I think.
(Speaking of rings. . . pictures, please!! =D)

Welcome, Kimberly to our big, fat, Cuban family.
I'm sure you'll fit right in. If Michael loves you, I'm sure we will too.  ;-)