Let them eat CAKE. =D

There's nothing Eric and I love more than going to a comedy club.  And there's nothing better than enjoying a comedian who is smart

(Sorry.  I have a low tolerance for dozens of f* bombs in comedy routines that get cheap laughs, but that's not important right now.)

So I'm always delighted when we go see a comedian who is not just funny, but smart-funny and doesn't need to resort to potty humor to get a laugh. 

Jim Gaffigan is one of those guys.  Brilliant, observational-type humor. Think Bill Cosby or Jerry Seinfeld.

We'll be in L.A. tonight for Jim's show and we're so looking forward to having a good long laugh after this crazy emotional week.

If you've never seen him, (and even if you have, watching him never gets old for me) enjoy the next five minutes where he expounds on the amazingness of cake.  It's genius.

Consider it a post-election gift. ;-)