Lessons from the Garden

My roses are blooming.

Pink roses

All of them. All at once.

Roses in bloom

And although they look very beautiful,


and some are quite spectacular,


they require my attention. Right now.


And it feels like quite an overwhelming task.

But I'll grab my pruning shears and go through each bush, dead-heading as I go. It's quite a big job when they're all going crazy at once.

Home & garden

I'll spray for bugs, and I'll cut some of the more beautiful ones to bring inside to create a centerpiece.


Once again, God is using my garden as a metaphor for my real life. I have to stop all that I'm doing and pay attention to the beauty that is right under my nose and metaphorically tend to the garden that is my life.

If I don't, I'm going to miss it.

Taking some time off from blogging to enjoy my garden, my husband, my kids, my kitchen, my family. I'll be back in a week or so. With stories. And opinons. And giveaways! But until then, I need to get the pruning shears and get to work.

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