Learning to stand

P9258794Eric went to college at UCSD and so knows all the best surf spots down here in Del Mar and San Diego.  It is here on this very same beach and in these same waves that he perfected his turns.

As I watch him with the kids, I think how much I love the continuity of having Jonathan learning to surf here in this same spot as his Dad and how as he teaches him to surf, it's not just about surfing, but about learning how to stand.  I jot down my thoughts and figure I will blog about it, but I didn't get a chance because . . .

Eric put it much more eloquently on his blog; in his words:

"This week I am on a much needed vacation with my family down in San Diego. Yesterday I took my 11-year old son surfing in Del Mar - my favorite surf spot from my college days. My son is just learning, so he lays on the 9-foot surfboard. I spin him around, push him into the wave whitewash, and he tries to stand up. As he races toward shore with his back to me, I watch him while other waves wash over me.Then he paddles out to me after each wave. We do this over and over...

Finally, he gets it! I watch him stand up with a look of jubilation on his face.

Maybe it's too much salt water on my brain, but suddenly this little metaphor pops into my head. As his father, I help my son learn to stand and negotiate the waves of life. I remain farther out in deeper water facing my own bigger waves. Nonetheless, it brings me satisfaction and contentment to see my son achieve mastery over the little waves he negotiates. Soon my life will fade. It will be my son's turn soon. And if do my job right, he'll teach his son to stand too."

(Excuse me. Need Kleenex.)