Law & order

Lucy, who is now a sophomore in high school (yes, we still homeschool and she is enrolled in an independent study program and most of her classes are online, even though she does go on campus for drama each week, but that's not important right now) has been involved in something called the Mock Trial Program.

It's kind of a cool thing.  The team members receive a case they have to argue before an actual judge in an actual courtroom.  They take turns arguing for the defense and the prosecution.  They compete against other schools and it's quite an impressive (but grueling) thing - lots of preparation and many hours at the courthouse.

So for the past few months the team has been working hard with their attorney coaches and practicing their arguments and learning their positions and when to object and how to get the count of arson thrown out and bringing up the question of was the defendant really trying to incite a riot or was she within the bounds of her first amendment rights?  (I know.)

The past few weeks they've been going to the courthouse to do battle against other schools.  (thanks, Jana, for driving!)  Lucy made the pre-trial statements and had to answer any questions posed to her by the judge. 

Lucy in courtroom
Picture I took shakily and surreptitiously before mock trial began. That's my girl in the center.

She didn't want Eric and me there.

She was nervous, she said. 

She didn't feel like she  had a strong enough argument for the defense, she said.

This was just not her thing and she wasn't very good at it, she said.

Not that we were complaining.  Really, who wants to sit quietly in a courtroom and NOT fidget (and not eat!!) for 3 hours??  (that's soooo not me.)

After weeks of this, finally, last night, she said we could come and watch.   And okay, it was a little taxing for me, personally - being the noisy, opinionated, fidgety Cuban that I am, but I sucked it up.

I sat there in complete wonder when my daughter, completely poised and self-possessed, addressed the judge like she'd been doing it all her life. 

REAL judge.  In a REAL courtroom.
(I was all sweaty and nervous for her.)

Her statements were lucid and her preparation was impeccable.  She responded to the judge's questions like a pro.

In fact, she did so well that the judges all made a point to commend "Miss Darby" for her wonderful pre-trial performance.  (Can you say Proud Parent??)

Nah... she was cool as a cucumber. 

Lucy in court

I, however, think I may have a legitimate lawsuit against the makers of Secret Anti-persperant.  sheesh!   =D