Lattes for you!

Thanks to everyone who left comments told their latte stories. The very cool got milk? giveaway goes to:

Michele caridad said...

Totally should have been there as a room full of flavored and perfectly prepared cafe con leche is defenitely my version of heaven! And side note... Everytime I think of cafe con leche I think of my nephews and niece who called it cafe con "cheche"! Totally cute and completely makes me wish they were toddlers again! (one is already 19...shut up I know!) I sound like a vieja... Who loves cafe con leche!


Congratulations, Michelle!

Send me an email and put this in the subject line: "Hi Marta! I won stuff on your blog." and include your snail mail address so I can ship your goodies out immediately.

I'm suddenly craving a café con leche.... what's up with that? ;-)