La Que Manda

Kikita here.  And no, I'm no longer alone.  And no, it's no longer raining.

Mami arrived late last night and she brought the sun with her.  She had the smoothest flight ever (one of the flight attendants was studying to be a chiropractor so they offered her a free neck massage!).  We woke up to sunshine - something I haven't seen since I've been here.

She gets up and says,"Where is the nearest place to get a cafecito?"
I have no idea . . . before I can sit up, she's dressed and knows where we're going.
So all I have to do is look like my beautiful self and do the driving.  The little cafe was JUST. DOWN. THE. STREET.

Sure, WAY easy to find if you're not the one driving and it's not POURING RAIN.  But who's complaining?

The lecture on how crazy I was for not having Cuban food only lasted until we sat down.  Then she commanded the waitress to bring us two cafecitos immediately.


I was not allowed to drink my cafe until she had taken the picture.

Then Mami told me we would be sharing a Pan con Bistec (which was delicious) and Coke. 

Now she's texting everyone we know in Miami and telling them what we will be doing for the duration of our trip.

I have to go now, Mami says I need to re-apply my Red Lipstick.


HALLLOOOO, Mayami!!!