La Gorda y La Flaca

Because my children are obedient in the best possible way, they don't even try to challenge me anymore when I make them take the "Mickey-face" picture.  I must have hundreds of these, because I insist we take one EVERY TIME. I know. But one day it will be a very cool thing and they will insist their kids do it too, but that's not important right now. =D
Yes, we were at Disneyland this evening. And so was everyone else in Southern California apparently...
But we were there with A Purpose. 
Look who we found among the throng....
Yes, that's my blog friend, the lovely and talented Chantel Acevedo! Of Fiction and musings with a side of yuca fame. (and yes, that's her book over there on the right because she's also one Smart Cuban Author.) 
Shut. Up.

Okay, seriously, this is the first time we've met face-to-face and it's always dicey when you meet someone you've only just known online.  You have an idea of what they will look like and sound like and their mannerisms, etc.  And you worry just a little bit that you may not get along as well in real life.  (you'll have to wait until she posts something to see if our stories match...)

But can I just tell you, Chantel is the sweetest, nicest, most delightful person to be with. We sat and talked and talked and reveled in our Mutual Uber-Disney Dorkdom. And yes, I'll say it, I feel like I've known her my entire life.  If she and Orlando and Penny lived even remotely near us (they don't) we would want them with us as much as possible. 

So I was having a sort of surreal moment when Penny was asleep in her stroller and Chantel and I were sitting at a little table in Tomorrowland talking about our lives and I was thinking to myself, "Wow. I'm sitting here in Tomorrowland with Chantel, and it's soooo Not Weird."

Eric, Amy, Lucy and Jonathan met up with us later and we had such a lovely time together that we were all reluctant to say goodbye. What lovely friends!  

Well... we may just have to consider vacationing in Auburn, Alabama someday.....

Did I mention that I live a charmed life?  =D