Killing for the Crown

P8107583Yes, those beauties are callously standing on the outline of the body.

We had a murder here last week. (to celebrate Lucy's birthday.)
A dozen hopefuls vying for the Miss Teen USA crown.

The lights went out, there was a scream and Miss Texas dropped to the ground . . . dead.

It was all very dramatic.

Apparently Amy Arizona killed Tina Texas with poisoned tic-tacs because they had both been bribing one of the judges and Tina's dad just had deeper pockets. The only way for Amy to secure the crown was to resort to . . . murder!

P8107496 Would it surprise you to know that six of these girls were Cuban-American?  And three are of Mexican descent. One of the Cuban girls was the murderer (murderess?) and another was the victim. 

But of course, that's because they were both up for the crown..

Who knew Latinas could be  so sneaky? (wait. don't answer that.)

What was I doing during all this backstabbing and blackmail?

Well, besides hosting the thing and feeding the girls, my character was Patty Pageant, former Miss Teen USA (1973. =D) and the pageant coordinator.

Actually, it was just another excuse to wear my tiara. ;-)