Keeping it Together

I do a lot of stuff.

I make things.

I go places.

I Twitter.

I cook stuff.

I shoot emails. (Eric always says this, "shoot me an email." And I think it's cute, so we don't just write emails around here. We shoot them.)  ;-)

I homeschool kids.

I drive them places.

I Facebook.

I take pictures.

And I write about it all.

How do I do it all and keep it together?

The truthful answer is: by the grace of God. 

But I also have this:

September cal

This is what September looks like in DarbyWorld according to my Giant Calendar (that I adore, thank you very much). It's five feet across and almost four feet tall. And it can be seen from every corner of our studio/office/classroom.

Did I mention how much I love it? It's like a changing, but constant, piece of artwork. (Kind of like me. =D)

Instructions for this beauty are posted over at the Tiki Tiki today.


If  you have any questions about this project, feel free to ask in the comment section or just shoot me an email. ;-)