Just us.

Amys24thcollage2Amy had a birthday on the 16th of this month.
And I took her to see Chayanne.
And I won't even mention that whole trip-to-Miami thing. ;-)

And she did get to celebrate with her friends and go dancing and all that.

But, our family dinner was preempted by Father's Day and a houseful of people.

And she still wanted our traditional "family celebration."
She wanted just the six of us around the table.

And she wanted me to make the traditional arroz con pollo served in the cazuela.

We had to have the rest of the Traditional-Darby-Birthday-Celebration trappings, too:

The fresh-cut roses from the garden.
The cake from scratch that Lucy always makes.

And, of course we had to play games.
Cranium Conga (a wonderful family game) and Catch Phrase. (Can I just say that Adam and I ROCK at this game. It's almost like we share a brain. But that's not important right now.)

Okay. So she didn't really have to twist my arm to get it.

Because in spite of all the other ways we celebrate and with all the other people in our lives, the familiarity of just the six of us is sometimes the sweetest celebration of all. =D