Just Jon

I was hoping to have something profound to say about my youngest son, Jonathan turning 16 today. I wanted to compare and contrast the kid he was,

Jonathan 8

to the man he's become.


I wanted to write about what a decent person he's grown up to be. I wanted to tell you about the many qualities that he's developed that make him a great guy. I'm trying to take a step back and take myself out of the equation and assess him as objectively as possible (although I'd love to take credit for how awesome he turned out, but that's not important right now).

As I observe my youngest today on his 16th birthday, here's what I know for sure:

  1. Jonathan is his own person. 
  2. He is a wonderful friend.
  3. He has a caring heart.
  4. He's got a highly developed sense of humor.
  5. He is thoughtful.
  6. He is tough.
  7. He is talented.
  8. And humble.
  9. He's a natural born leader.
  10. He's comfortable in his own skin.
  11. Jonathan is the kind of guy that friends call when they need something.
  12. He is respected by his peers and by the adults in his life.
  13. He is compassionate.
  14. He is sensitive.
  15. He is smart.
  16. He has big thoughts.

When you meet Jonathan and get to know him, you will eventually detect all those qualities, but like everyone else in his life, you will say, "That's just Jon."

And that's the highest compliment of all. 

Happy birthday, my son. I love you MORE.


(NOTE: The photo of Jon today was taken by his talented photographer friend, Chase Miller.)