Just call me Marta, La Blogona

We (Eric, Lucy, Jonathan and I) are headed down to San Diego. For the next three days I'll be up to my eyeballs in BlogHer 2011 activities.

Blogher badge

Because I blog. So I'm attending a blog conference where I will meet other bloggers. And celebrate being a part of the blogosphere. (And I kind of like seeing my name and blog on a badge, but that's not important right now.)

But now comes the moment when I have to try to explain all of this to my mom. (Yes, the same 97 year old who understands how Google works.)

But there is no good word for "blog" in Spanish. It comes out sounding unspeakably weird. More like "el blok."

Me: "Es una conferencia para blogueras." (<--That last word sounds even weirder when it's spoken aloud.)

Luza: "Bloguera? Que palabra mas fea."

Hmm....we've reached an impasse. She finds the word, bloguera, to be ugly.

Come on! It's the best I can do to translate a made up English word! This is impossible! (<--You can tell I'm getting stressed about the conversation and the lack of a good word explaining what I do by the use of many exclamation points!!)

I try to defend myself: "Es una palabra inventada." It's a made up word, I tell her. A combination and abreviation of web+log. By the way, there's no good Spanish translation for either "web" or "log." 

I was just trying to explain why I'm going to San Diego, but now I'm caught up in an impossible conversation. I'm getting a little upset and my voice is rising. In fact, I'm practically yelling, like that's going to make the "B" word any easier to translate.

But lucky for me, my 97 year old mom still has her wits about her and has a good sense of humor.

Luza: "Entonces tu eres una BLOGONA. Yo tambien puedo inventar palabras." ("Then you are a BLOGONA. I can make up words, too.")


San Diego, here I come! ;-)

Do you have a better word? Let's hear it.